Chris Chamberlain

StrategyBeyond LinkedIn

In 1995 in NYC, working in the world trade for Morgan Stanley I had my first sales training – at the start of the 3-week program, 200 people waited for the trainer’s opening remarks: ‘Sales is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!’... and I have not looked back.


Since then I have always been drawn to innovation and new technology and have a passion for selling. Now, to be good at it, to give the customer the confidence that you can make their world a better place, to be better than your competition, and create a successful commercial relationship requires commitment and dedication.


I have been successful everywhere I have worked whether it be a Shoreditch startup or HP, and in 2020 decided to launch StrategyBeyond with Filippo.


There are many tech businesses out there that have fabulous products, win a few customers, and then fail. We think there is a better way: understand why the customer will buy your product, communicate that message to the right audience and contract for a fair price. Sounds simple but if you have not sold to the right geography or vertical, you will probably have limited success. Do not worry, we can assist you.


Defining a commercial strategy requires an understanding of the customer’s business problem first, then comes the product, and then being able to articulate what is in it for them. Once you have that it is all about the commitment and consistency for successful execution.

Filippo Chisari

StrategyBeyond LinkedIn

Empowering people to accomplish their goals is my core motivation. Today, tech businesses need clear direction to take them from where they are to where they want to go. I specialize in planning, implementing, and executing growth strategies allowing such businesses to achieve their objectives.

I am a Certified Strategy Consultant, and my global experiences range from operational to executive management. I was born in the Netherlands, lived most of my life in Italy, and completed my academic studies in the UK. Currently I am located in Israel, the 3rd best tech ecosystem in the world as of 2020.

Along my journey, I became adept at guiding others, and the following four transferrable skills inform my approach:
- Multiculturalism: communicating across cultures and understanding cultural realities.
- Resilience: assimilating knowledge fast to better cope with unforeseeable situations.
- Analyticality: deconstructing information accurately to produce the best possible results.
- Pioneerism: finding innovative ways to add value.

At StrategyBeyond, Chris and I focus our expertise horizontally in Data and AI, in the Sustainability/eMobility space, and with customers from the Fintech and Martech verticals. We invite you to have a meaningful conversation with us if you feel your organization needs assistance reaching its growth targets.